towing and free customer service doesn't always make a happy customer

Free Customer Service Isn’t Always Appreciated!

Floyd Jerkins in a FedoraLet me give a “Tip of the Cap” to White’s Gulf County Wrecker Service. Every once in a while you run across a company who set aside profits for the goodwill of their community. This doesn’t mean that all customers appreciate their business model. Even the notion of free customer service isn’t always appreciated. How does it work for a tow truck company?

The owner of the trucking service, Spud White, decided thirty years ago that on New Year’s Eve he would pick up vehicles for drivers that had too much to drink. Back in 1984, Spud was called out to pick up a car from a wreck and found a young boy that passed away due to a drunk driver. The boy reminded him of his son. That was the seed of the idea to do something different so free towing on New Year’s Eve started.

Tow truck companies have working relationships with the local and regional police force as a means of generating referral and repeat business. They also get call in’s from different advertising or word of mouth referrals. I can only imagine the situations their drivers experience. They meet all kinds of people in all sorts of situations.

Many of us will grab our phones and check the net before we employ a service or decide which restaurant we’ll eat at so finding a tow truck service wouldn’t be any different. I wondered what the customer satisfaction rating is of a tow truck company?

I looked at Spud’s online reputation, and it seems some of the people don’t appreciate his company’s efforts. I guess the criminal who gets busted by a police officer wouldn’t give a good online review of the officer. Not sure that means the police officer doesn’t have a strong customer satisfaction rating.

Spud’s customer base is a mixed bag so to determine his company’s customer service satisfaction rate, it comes down to which customer are you referring to.

I give a Tip of the Cap to Spud and his company. He is providing an excellent service at a particular time of year. In his business, it has to be hard to get anywhere near 100% customer satisfaction.  Go figure.