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1:1 Consultation

With my executive and corporate coaching services, I help executives, managers, and individual learners accelerate their leadership development, improve their performance, and achieve remarkable results. As an experienced dynamic living coach, I help indivudals focus on results, personal leadership, strategy, performance, transition and relationships.

Dynamic Living

Living a dynamic life that has balance and fulfillment is possible so we start by defining where you want to go. Each person has a unique learning style so I custom design the solutions to fit the person to bring out your full potential. The style that I use is both educational and motivational, so learning is engaging.

Business Development

Developing a business is faster when you have an experienced professional executive coach in your corner to speed up the learning curves. As your executive coach, I focus on the process of guiding an executive to grow within a business and achieve both short and long-term goals. As a mentor, I can help your leaders in many ways—I’ll be an objective sounding board, a confidential advisor, and a partner for practicing new skills.

Client Testimonies

Car Dealer

John- Owner

I have relied greatly on Floyd’s incredible understanding of all things relating to business, as well as, benefitted immeasurably from his expertise … [Read More...]

Farm Equipment Dealer

Pat- Owner

We are swamped with our business up 45% over last year. I was looking forward to becoming a more successful manager and leader and searching for … [Read More...]

Ben Mast CPA. Director of Finance Fertilizer Dealer Supply, Inc.

Ben Mast, CPA

I had recently joined Fertilizer Dealer Supply after a twelve year career in public accounting. While I had a strong background in the financial side … [Read More...]

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