A seasoned Coach speeds up the learning curves

Many people have leadership qualities, but it’s not something that comes naturally. Leaders are trained and coached to become the best they can be.

Life Coaching

Living a dynamic life that has balance and fulfillment is possible.

Coaching starts by defining where you want to go. You can’t get where you are going until you know where you want to be.

Business Coaching

Personal development is the key to organizational development.

Developing a business is best when you have an experienced coach in your corner to speed up the learning curves.

1:1 Consultation

Executives require more than classroom training to become excellent.

My coaching service is intensely personalized to develop your fullest potential.

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Ben Mast, CPA
Ben Mast, CPADirector of Finance Fertilizer Dealer Supply, Inc.

"I had recently joined Fertilizer Dealer Supply after a twelve year career in public accounting. While I had a strong background in the financial side of things, I knew I would need help understanding the operational flows of private industry. High reviews in the industry and from several co-workers lead me to attending Floyd's high level 6-Module Leadership course. It was through this intensive two-year course that I gained exposure to leadership development, communication skills, culture development, key performance indicators, service department operations and analytical capabilities, the importance of parts and inventory management along with marketing and managing the sales process. It was just the right combination of skills training that allowed me to bring tangible value back to my business. Floyd set the tone from the beginning and it was evident that his vast experience in the industry and in working with businesses across North America made him a subject matter expert. Floyd is a true leader, a man of integrity and a trusted advisor."

Tom Harness
Tom HarnessOwner & President Harness Digital Marketing

“How many chances do you get as a new business owner to get sound and great advice from a person that has seen and been through it all? When I met Floyd Jerkins it was at a crucial crossroad in my business. We were at year 3 and it was hard for me to see where I needed to go. He told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. I used his advice and it helped me focus on what we did well and now Harness Digital Marketing is celebrating year 5.”

Cory Hayes
Cory HayesVice President Foundation Operations for Associated Equipment Distributors

“I started working in Floyd's business early in my career. As a young professional, Floyd quickly recognized that I had raw talent that just needed time and maturity. While he knew I was headstrong and ambitious, he nudged and pointed me in the right direction in a manner that met me where I was at in that stage of my career. He was very patient with me. There were times we agreed to disagree. As the owner, he encouraged it and allowed me to win many of those differences. He also graciously allowed me to take chances and make decisions in his business to help me to learn and grow. Frankly, I didn't fully realize the magnitude of his generosity at the time. It wouldn't be until a few years later in my career, when I was solely responsible for leading a business myself, that it occurred to me how fortunate I was and how I benefited greatly. The opportunity to work in Floyd's business and his interest in helping develop my career has certainly been influential in my success.”

John Dralle
John DralleOwner/General Manager Dralle Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

“Floyd has the greatest thinking mind of anyone I’ve ever worked with. The training he provides is invaluable. He has a masterful way of not just the development of necessary strategies, but also the implementation and execution of them.

He is an excellent communicator, coach and mentor that inspired me to take my career to the next level. Floyd really knows how to bring out the best in you, so that you consistently perform at peak levels.”