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Are You Serious? Emoticons & the Middle Finger

I’m up early and still love to see the sun rise. In the early morning hours I’ll read a lot on varied subjects. Recently a new set of emoticons (emojis) was released to the world. You know, the funny little icons you put on a text message.

I started to review the history of emoticons and at first it wasn’t really appealing. Sure it represents a facial expression or at least that was the seed of the idea. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Emoticons are used to convey emotion or sentiment. Ok, I get that. Many people who know me say I do believe in communicating in various ways. Should I use these to communicate?

Emojis & Communications – What’s Proper?

The mobile movement is astounding. The impact in our lives is without question. Everywhere I go there are herds of people young and old with their head down glued to their mobile device. This is communicating? The answer may stun some people but, yes, as a society we are communicating now more than ever. Does it have true meaning? Does this enrich our lives? Does it improve business results?

When our kids were young, my wife and I didn’t want them watching MTV. We just didn’t want the negative influences to pour into their minds. Zig Ziglar would say, “Garbage in and garbage out”. If I said you were stupid everyday, you might start believing it. If I said you are great and have natural talents, you might start believing that. Which do you prefer? Really.

Emoticons & the Middle Finger

The updated emoticons have one that is a hand with the middle finger up. Everyone knows what that means. At first it was like, ok, I don’t think that’s necessary, but it’s like a TV show that I might not like. Change the channel and forget it. In this case for whatever reasons I couldn’t let it go. How many young people think this is a normal way to communicate? Is this garbage in and garbage out? How many adults think it’s a proper form of communication?

My point in this whole blog is that we have choices whether or not we use an emoticon or not. It is a form of communication. How we communicate to each other and to the world we live in can dictate our rate of success and happiness in life. As an adult you can do what you wish. As a child the lessons of life and manners all start at home. I wonder what our world might become if everyone thinks communicating with the middle finger is, well, just the way it is.

The Future of the Middle Finger

Is using more emojis part of my future? I’ve started to use them more to convey an emotion or to just have a quick response. My grandkids love it. I sent Apple my complaint note that putting this type of emoticon on their devices is not part of improving their customer’s experience, at least this customer anyway. I just don’t see any need to use the middle finger nor do I plan to use the F-word. Both of these indicate a weak vocabulary, to say the least. Go figure.