text drunk driving

Are You Drunk With Technology?

Teens killed in texting driving accidents outnumber drunk driving accidents. That number is growing each year. One in five drivers of all ages admit to surfing the web while driving.

Over the summer my wife and I were on a motorcycle ride enjoying the scenery. We came upon a car that was parked partially on the road. As we passed, we noticed an older woman sitting behind the wheel with her head down. I wondered if she had an issue, so we turned around.

Are You Drunk?

As I pulled up to her car, she raised her head and smiled while rolling down her window. I asked if she was ok, and she said she was texting her granddaughter, she couldn’t text and drive. We all smiled and drove off.

We have all seen the swerving car in front of us. I’ve seen guy’s texting riding their motorcycle. There’s been the semi tractor-trailer edging over into my lane only to see them texting.

Driving at 60+ mph things are happening faster than our brains can process. Texting and driving kill people. Get it? Read that sentence again. It makes me wonder how some people think they have the mental powers to do both.


What do people think when they awake from texting and find they’re in another lane? You know you’ve done that before, but for whatever reason you keep doing it over and over until what? You have a wreck and kill yourself or others?

My grandmother and yours would appreciate you pulling off the side of the road to text. All I can say is that if you are driving down the road and meet a swerving car, watch out for the crazy person who is texting. They might be drunk with technology.