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Since I was young, I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick. There’s nothing better than seeing ordinary people do extraordinary feats in life and business.

With over 35 years in business, I am an accomplished senior executive in businessFloyd Jerkins with a tie on development with more than twenty-five years of consulting and training experience. My knowledge of business optimization is a lifelong journey of coaching leaders and collaborating with individuals seeking guidance.

In 1991, I founded Jerkins Creative Consulting as a boutique firm offering specialized services for organizational development. We provided customized development services to organizations in the United States and Canada. We built a business from scratch into a multi-million-dollar company by evolving the business based on customer needs.

The team was made up of “Specialists” that were experts in their fields along with a project management and internal administrative team. IRon Willis, Bill Bohmer, Jan William, Cory Hayes, Sean Brooks, Russell Ward, Jeni Moore, Janmarie Geimer served as our Project Ken Wallace, John Walker, Mike Neely, John Beane and Floyd JerkinsDirector and Master Architect as well as worked in the field as a Specialist. We worked together to serve the organizations who we had earned their business. Success came through performance. Our employees, peers, and friends of the company were just the best. Many employees and peers enjoyed a long career with us and continue to achieve great success in life and business. We were fortunate to work with some real champions. We also enjoyed a few who retired along the way and left a mark of excellence in the company.

Dealer Candidate WorkbookWorking with all kinds of companies and people created a unique environment to learn. I loved hearing our clients share the success stories we were helping them achieve. The cutting-edge approaches we developed served prestigious and profitable operations in their efforts to generate high performance and high profitability in competitive markets.

Providing coaching and mentoring to CEO’s, executive leaders and management teams was a daily part of servicing our customer base.

Through our team hundreds of companies every year were helped with:

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Organizational Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • Financial & Operations Management
  • Professional Selling & Sales Management
  • Strategic & Tactical Marketing
  • Buying & Selling Businesses
  • Family Dynamics
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Staff Development Through Competency Based Education
  • New Ways to Generate Growth & Profitability

My education and professional development are in organizational development, psychology, and sales and marketing. The combined business knowledge and life experiences are utilized to design methods for executives to achieve peak performance in their lives and businesses.

Time for a New Journey!

Sunset in Panama City Beach FloridaWith more than 25 years of success and memories, we sold the company in the fall of 2015. My wife, Jane, and I began a new journey in life. In 2016, we moved from our home in Southern Illinois to the northwest panhandle in Florida. Living on the beach and meeting new people has expanded our horizons and given us a new perspective. It’s very similar to the positive effect clients have experienced when introduced to new ideas and business concepts.

Care to join me?