Group of leaders sharing ideas with each other

As your organization has got larger, providing internal education to key leaders isn’t as easy as it once was. Your inner groups of leaders have a lot of power, influence, and information only they know.

Each group has a leader with experience that could benefit others in the company; you’re not sure how to transfer that knowledge. Key employees know more than any outside consultant or trainer ever could about the ins and outs of how the company works. They are strong-minded and often grounded in their position on an issue.

You know that a learning and teaching culture in the organization would create a stable platform in which to scale the operations. Senior people need to become teachers but the path to get there isn’t very clear. You’d like to get a jumpstart on how to set this process up and to measure its effectiveness at reaching specific goals and objectives.

Your teams are more comfortable in small group settings. They’ve learned to build alliances to move their respective projects forward. You’d like to work with an experienced facilitator to develop an internal coaching and mentoring program.

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