Family isn't always the same

You are a husband and wife team in business and life. You took the company over after your parents retired. When your parents started the company, the world was in a different place and time than it is now. Just working harder and longer hours doesn’t guarantee success anymore.

As a couple you have worked together for years but now seem to be going in different directions. Working together always had its challenges but not like this. There isn’t any time for anything else because all you do is work. You now have children coming into the business. They need more guidance than you have the time to give.

The business is suffering, and you’d like to create a long term profitable exit strategy. You are not as profitable as you could be and not sure what to do to fix the problems. You would like to talk with someone who has experience and can share strategies in an easy to understand manner.

You would like to develop a life plan and business plan that makes you both happy.

As a parent, you want your children to take over the reins of the company someday. You are eager to see them succeed and know they can. You want to help them increase their knowledge and improve their skills.

You often struggle with them for not making the right business decisions. Sometimes you have to fix things when they don’t handle it correctly. Not all the staff respects them. They seem to have a different work ethic than how the company was founded. The interest in technology is strong, but all of you are not sure how to incorporate more of it into the day-to-day operations.

You would like a qualified business coach to assist in putting perspective on the family and business needs.

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